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The District has a partnership with the Rotary Club of Canton to share administrative and office resources in downtown Canton.

The Rotary District office is located at:

116 Cleveland Ave. NW, Suite 307

Canton, Ohio 44702

(330)  452-2882

Fax (330) 452-8614

Email: info@cantonrotary.org

Lauri Coy is available to assist coordinating communications, district meetings, district archives, updating data on the Clubrunner data base and posting items on the District website.



Do you have friends or colleagues who are thinking of joining Rotary but are not sure?
Send them here to learn about the Top 5 Membership Myths about Rotary.


Arch Klumph said that the purpose of the RI Foundation was to “do good in the world.” By any reasonable standards, the Foundation has lived up to that promise, and the best is yet to come. Our Foundation is one of the best run in the world, earning perfect scores from Charity Navigator. But perfect scores are not good enough for Rotarians; we want to do even better. We now focus on six areas of needs, and every project is designed to be sustainable long after we complete a project. The areas of focus are:
  • Promoting Peace
  • Providing Clean Water
  • Saving Mothers and Children
  • Supporting Education and Literacy
  • Growing Local Economies
  • Fighting Disease (Polio and so much more)
In the past, the district has had one or more district-wide programs to celebrate Foundation month. We will not be doing that this year. Instead, I would like every club to devote at least one November meeting to the Foundation. Perhaps your club’s Foundation Chair or someone else in the club who is knowledgeable about the Foundation could speak about the many programs supported by the Foundation. There are some wonderful film clips on YouTube and on the Rotary International website that can be played for your club. Learn about the Foundation and you will want to be a part of it.
Last year, our district gave over a quarter of a million dollars to the Foundation (more than $125/per member). That was up $50,000 from the previous year. Part of this legacy stems from a relatively small number of incredibly generous members, and I want to thank every one of those members. But most of that generosity was the result of the majority of members from our district contributing what they can to the Foundation. The decision to contribute should be yours, but if you would like information about how to contribute, feel free to contact me.
November Paul Harris Fellow Challenge – Two chances to win a PHF Award for you or a friend - Your Club President should have received a packet with a video featuring Tim and Anna discussing Rotary’s “Leaving a Legacy” program along with envelopes for donations toward the Annual Fund and Polio Plus. For each $20 donated, you will have a chance to win a PHF for you, your spouse, or a friend. Thanks to the generosity of Mike Raulin, District Governor, and Dr. Peter Apicella, Foundation Chair, two such awards will be giving this year. In addition, for each $100 donated, you will have a chance for an overnight stay at the Avalon Inn & Golf Resort, thanks to Sieglinde Warren, Past District Governor. You can preview the video here: www.Rotary6650.org.
Local Grants UPDATE Please keep me informed of progress and send pictures of the final project for the website www.Rotary6650.org.
Global Grants UPDATE - Please consider supporting one or several of these projects ‘Doing Good in the World’. Individual donors and clubs will receive tax-deductible receipts. Donations count toward Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
To view the Global Grant Projects click on this LINK.
District 6650 will be holding our 11th Annual Interact Conference in Salem on Saturday, November 11th. Students from throughout our District will get the chance to meet other students, exchange ideas and  learn about Rotary programs such as RYLA, Youth Exchange and Rotaract.. Students will also hear from speakers on subjects that they can be involved in after high school. Even if your Club does not currently sponsor an Interact Club, any Rotarian is invited to attend to see the good work these students do.
Click on the following links to view the 2017 Interact Registration form and 2017 Interact Agenda.
Tom Baringer
The first overnighter of the Youth Exchange Year was conducted on August 19-20, at Camp Stambaugh, in Canfield.  We welcomed 17 Inbound Exchange Students to District 6650, provided orientation, processed paperwork, and introduced them to their fellow Inbound students for the 2017-2018 year.  The next overnighter will be sponsored by the Sugarcreek Club on September 30 – October 1. 

We are also starting to recruit for the 2018-2019 Outbound class.  Applications may be accessed and completed at District 6650’s Youth Exchange website.  Applications are due by October 1.  We will be conducting interviews, for the Outbound class, on December 3 and 10 at Louisville High School.  If you would like someone from Youth Exchange to visit your school and discuss the Outbound Program, please contact Bill Wood (330) 284-4779 or Aletha Carver (330) 614-1367.  
The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is about 7 months away, but work is already underway to make it another fantastic weekend for student attendees. We hope that every club will sponsor at least one student this year. We have been very close to 100% participation from the District 6650 clubs the last few years. We charge the club a flat fee for each student that covers expenses, and we do not charge students or their families anything.
We are always looking for Rotarians who would like to be a part of the RYLA program. If you would like to be a facilitator, working with the students during RYLA, or just learn more about what would be involved, contact either Barb Loudon (RYLA6650@gmail.com) or Mike Raulin (MikeRaulin@gmail.com). Anyone who wishes to be involved is welcome, but we could especially use female and/or minority-group facilitators. We like to have as much diversity as possible among the facilitators to show by example the diversity found among leaders.
We will be contacting clubs about RYLA in just a few months. Please respond quickly in committing to sponsoring students and then in recruiting students and getting their names to Barb Loudon. It is an incredible task to organize 100 students, get all the paperwork completed, arrange the roommate assignments, coordinate with the hotel, and plan all the events for the RYLA conference. The earlier we get the names of the students, the easier it is to complete all of these tasks in time for the event. Thank you in advance for your support of the great program.
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