Posted by Mary Ann Morell
Struthers Rotary partnered with local businesses and club plus private donations to Feed the Hungry Project
Our group has already given out over 2500 dollars in vouchers.  50 vouchers purchased from the 3 grocery stores within our city. Nemenz IGA, Save A Lot and Lightner meats.  In addition, Community Corps has given 500 dollars to first responders in the form of 50 dollar gift cards to support local restaurants within the city.
The program is ongoing at this time+  Thank you Mary Ann Morell Club Avenue Chairman.  We have also gained a new member Jackie Ramkey.
If you know someone that has lost their job or is struggling during this difficult time, submit their name and phone number, and address and Struthers Rotary will help with a gift certificate for food.
Send info to ;
Struthers Rotary
Feed The Hungry
PO Box 127
Struthers Ohio 44471
Individuals must have proof of Struthers's residency. (Utility Bill etc . )
Sponsors :
Struthers Rotary and Struthers Rotary Community Corps,
First Catholic Slovak Union, Branch 682
and CASTLO Community Improvement Corporation
have made generous donations to this fund.
Monetary Donations or Gift cards from private individuals are welcomed and can be sent by PayPal to the link at the top of the page or mailed to :
Struthers Rotary
(Feed the Hungry Fund)
In memo
P.O. Box 127
Struthers Ohio 44471
Or contact Maryann Morell