On August 3rd, the Struthers Rotary held a tribute picnic for Struthers First Responders at the city's Mauthe Park.
The Rotary also announced the awarding of a Rotary District Grant of $2800 to the city for help with the replacement of the roof of the Rotary Pavilion at the park.
The Club also awarded Catherine Cercone-Miller a second Paul Harris Fellow. Cathy was a member of Struthers first Interact Club some 20 years ago. While participating in the club's first job shadowing, a stop was made at city hall. While there, the Mayor invited her to sit in his chair. She declared, " Someday this will be my chair." Later on, when the Rotary started a Community Corp, she served as President for six years. However, about a year and a half ago, she had to give that up as she became the first woman to be elected as Mayor in a city in Mahoning County. The club wanted to recognize the  Mayor for her long history of dedication to the community of Struthers from her high school years to her current position leading our community to improvement and ensuring our sustainability.   
Struthers Rotary President Karen Edwards, Foundation Chair Tom Baringer and Struthers Mayor Cathy Cercone-Miller