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November 2021

er 2021
Rotary Youth Protection
Rotary Youth Protection

To:  Governors, Interact Chairs,  RYLA Chairs, Youth Exchange Chairs, Youth Protection Officers

Dear 2021-22 Rotary District Leaders,

Thank you for attending the youth protection webinar on 6 October. If you were unable to attend live, a recording is available (English only).
We also encourage you to review the resources covered during the webinar, if you have not already. These resources will help you and other Rotary members in your community provide for the safety and well-being of youth program participants. All are available in Rotary languages unless noted otherwise.

Publications & Resources in My Rotary

Webpages Courses in the Learning Center
  • Preventing and Addressing Harassment: This course reviews Rotary’s policy on a harassment-free environment and will help Rotary members learn how to create such a setting in their clubs.
  • Protecting Youth Program Participants: This course will help Rotary members learn how to apply and address youth policies in their clubs and districts. Youth protection policies may not prevent all incidents, but they can support the young people participating in Rotary programs and reduce negative outcomes.
Videos (English only)
Please reach out to youthprotection@rotary.org with any questions. Again, we appreciate your cooperation and commitment to Rotary’s zero-tolerance policy against youth abuse and harassment.


Rotary Youth Protection
Future RI Director for Zone 30

Future Zone 30 R I Director Nomination

Dear district governors and club presidents in Zone 30

In accordance with RI Bylaws section 11.020., the Nominating Committee for RI Director in Zone 30 recently certified that it selected Rotarian Rhonda E. Stubbs, a member of the Rotary Club of Maryville, as a RI director in 2023–25. Rotarian Stubbs has stated that she is willing and able to serve as director, if elected.

RI President Mehta will declare Rotarian Stubbs as director-nominee from your zone on 1 December 2021 unless another qualified Rotarian has been duly proposed as a challenging candidate before 1 December. Any club in your zone at its regular meeting may adopt a resolution proposing a challenging candidate for RI director, provided that the challenger was among the candidates previously considered by the Nominating Committee. The following procedures must be followed to propose a challenge to the Nominating Committee’s selection:

  1. The club must submit a resolution to the governor, signed by the club president or secretary, naming a candidate who was previously suggested to the Nominating Committee.
  2. The governor, either at the district conference or through a ballot, asks each club in the district if it concurs with the challenge resolution. If a majority of clubs in the district concur, the governor will forward the challenge to the general secretary by no later than 1 December 2021. Any challenges received by the general secretary after 1 December or that are incomplete cannot be considered. 
  3. If a valid challenge is received, the Secretariat will prepare and distribute an electronic ballot by 31 December, listing the choice of your zone’s Nominating Committee and any challenging candidates who were endorsed by a majority of the clubs in the district.

Please note RI Bylaws section 13.010., which in part states:
Rotarians shall not campaign, canvass, or electioneer for elective position in RI, or allow any such activity, for either themselves or others. Unless expressly authorized by the board, this prohibition includes any distribution or circulation by themselves or others of brochures, literature, letters, materials, electronic media, or other communications to any clubs or members of clubs.

Any candidate who undertakes, or on whose behalf is undertaken, unauthorized and improper activities to further his or her candidacy is in violation of the bylaws and may be disqualified by the RI Board. 

Thank you in advance for your adherence to these procedures. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Corporate Governance staff at corporate.governance@rotary.org


John Hewko
General Secretary, RI

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Annual District Grants
October 11 was the #DayOfTheGirl, introducing and celebrating Rotary People of Action: Champions of Girls' Empowerment. This distinction recognizes the honorees' commitment to improving girls' access to education, health, and sanitation and hygiene resources, as well as their work to create environments where girls can flourish.
As Rotary members, we use our connections to create lasting change in our communities and around the world. And although we’ve all faced the challenges of the pandemic for the past year and a half, we’ve continued to take action, solve problems, and make a positive impact.
We are optimistic that we can gather in person to explore new opportunities for friendship and service at the 2022 Rotary International Convention, 4-8 June in Houston, Texas, USA. We invite you to join us!
At the convention, you will:
• Develop new friendships and strengthen old ones
• Share your Rotary experiences and learn more ways to get involved
• Find inspiration in the family of Rotary
Register now to take advantage of our reduced rate, available until 15 December. You’ll be able to cancel for a full refund, minus a $50 per person administration fee, until 30 April.
Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your passion for Rotary.
Visit convention.rotary.org/houston for more information. 

October 13 2021 members assisted in hosting Meet The Candidates Night at Lakeview High School for all Lakeview Schoolboard Candidates. Past club president, Lance Grahn 3rd from left.

 October 23 2021 members did cleanup and performed winter preparation of the pollinator garden at the OSU Trumbull County Agriculture Extension.



On October 13, 2021, the Rotary Club of Plain Township took part in the Glenwood project celebration which consisted of a new pavilion and the planting of 20 trees at the Glenwood Intermediate School.  Our club has committed to donating $50,000 to the project.  The original plan, which started seven years ago, was to put in a retention basin and to create a green space.  However, it grew to include the pavilion and much more is planned for the future.  We are grateful to all the community partners that worked together to make this happen: The Plain Local School District, the City Engineer and the City of Canton. We hope it will be enjoyed by many children for generations to come.
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